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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 59

I'm so anxious to take my progress pics tomorrrow!! Can you believe I've made it through 2/3 of the program. I may have missed a couple Power 90 workouts, but I have pretty much have done a workout pretty much 6 days a week if not two the whole time. I'm excited. I haven't weighed in since last Wednesday, so when I weigh in tomorrow I'm hoping to have lost a pound or two, but we'll see. I know I'm still losing fat even if the scale doesn't tell me so.

So today I had all four girls again. The 3 I sit and my own. The two older girls that are siblings liked me until I didn't have apples for their snack LOL. I found out that they were told by their mom that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so they insist on two apples a day now! HAHA! So cute! I know now not to tell Olivia that until she's old enough to understand that it doesn't keep the doctor away. :) I'm also getting very low on horse and Rapunzel pictures for the girls to color, because they always ask for those. So the last few Rapunzel pictures are on lock down or at least down to one a day till we can order another couple coloring books from amazon.

I really wanted to take the other little girl and Olivia out for a walk again today, but they both needed a nap when the other two went home so I just vegged out and kept watching Anne of Green Gables. I hung out with the girls and got them dinner when they woke up and got Olivia to bed.

Then after an hour of digesting, I did both Power 90 workouts. I did the cardio and the sweat (circuit) workouts and the ab ripper 200! I love working out so hard I have sweat pouring off of me! I just know that I'm working hard enough.

Well guys I'll be on here tomorrow night with some new progress pics after zumba and some power 90 tomorrow!

My after workout snack tonight. Carrots and hummus.

Me after my workout.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 58

Today was the most beautiful day! The sun was out and I wax so glad after babysitting all day I was able to get out in the sunshine.

I'm trying out posting from my iPod, so I'm sorry if there are more errors than normal and I won't have any pics this time.

I ate well all day except for the chips I had with the subway my hubby brought home for lunch today. I hadn't had chips in months! Luckily I had a couple little scavengers stealing chips from me lol. One of the best things about kids is they help control portion size! I always have to share my food with someone!

I went to zumba tonight and my friend didn't go but I'm hoping she will come Thursday! Im going to do my power 90 workouts tomorrow and get back on track with them.

Well I'm off to bed a little earlier than normal tonight :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 57!

For a Monday today was awesome! I had been feeling down about the numbers on the scale not going down fast enough and had a hard time seeing the I was still losing inches and losing fat while gaining muscle. Today I snapped out of it finally! I didn't weigh in or anything, but a bunch of stuff I had ordered came in the mail today and it made me so happy. I had ordered XL workout pants from the regular clothes at Old Navy, not plus size, an XL shirt, not plus size, and a pair of size 16 jeans. I was hopeful that I would fit in the jeans in like 30 days, but to my surprise I tried on the shirt and workout pants which fit perfectly, then the jeans and as I pulled them all the way up I was thinking there is no way they are going to button, and even though they were way too tight, I managed to zip them and button them without a fight! I couldn't believe it. I'm pretty sure I haven't fit in a size 16 in about 8 years give or take a year. I was ecstatic! I'm still excited to weigh in on Wednesday or Thursday, but nothing beats knowing that I've almost gone down 6 pant sizes!

I went to Zumba tonight, but didn't do my Power 90 cardio. I'm going to try to make myself do both tomorrow, but I may end up just doing the Circuit since I'm going to Zumba again tomorrow night. A friend of mine wants to go, and she made me promise to make her go! I'm glad she's going to try it.

I did great with my clean eating today, my hubby made an amazing dinner on the grill again, and I made one of the best wraps for lunch today. I'm still trying to come up with new ideas for meals so I can share them with all of you, but I am horrible at being creative when it comes to food. Just ask my husband LOL.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I have the other 2 girls again, so I'll have 4 under 4 tomorrow! Yikes!

My breakfast of Shakeology with PB2, coconut milk, and ice!

Lunch was a Sprouted wrap with leftover baked chicken breast, spinach, hummus, red onion, red bell pepper, and feta. Delicious.

I was so excited to get my Tropical Shakeology in today!! If you are interested in Shakeology check out my website.

My husband made an amazingly good dinner on the grill. Zucchini, chicken sausage, onion, and quinoa brown and wild rice blend on the side.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The weekend! Day 54, 55, and 56!

The last three days I've been slacking on my blog and a little on my workouts, and on my clean eating. I ate well all day  Friday until I met up with a friend for coffee and decided to have a cheat meal, then that night I went to Zumba since it was free Friday and didn't have to pay or punch my card. I had totally forgotten that Saturday I was going to church and was making a cake and planned on having my cheat meal there at the potluck afterwards. Luckily for me all of the food everyone cooked was pretty healthy, it was the two pieces of cake that ended up as my cheat.

I planned on going snowshoeing with the Zumba group this morning, but just as my hubby had said it would, it was dumping snow on us this morning and continuing in my lack of motivation I didn't want to clean the snow off my car to go. I should've gone, I had a sitter lined up and everything, but mostly I'm terrified of going snowshoeing with those girls. I'm not sure if I can even keep up. Zumba class is totally different, out snowshoeing I could slow them down. I'll get over it eventually. Maybe next Sunday I'll get off my butt and go. I ate very well today, and I just got done doing my power 90 circuit workout. I did 35 push ups without stopping, and about 70 total during the workout! Its awesome how far I've come.

I started out weighing 238.5 lbs and wearing a size 22 in jeans. Now I'm around 224.0 lbs (haven't weighed in since wednesday) and my size 18 jeans fit just right and are getting looser every day. I even got some hand me down size 16 pants from a friend of mine, and I ordered the next size down of my workout pants and a pair of 16 jeans too. I bought my workout pants less than a month ago, and they are so loose that I can only wear them for one workout, otherwise they get so loose they fall off! Fitting in clothes and shirts that I couldn't even pull over my hips or my belly before make me so proud of the hard work I've done. I may have a day or two that I am in a funk and don't workout or do poorly with my eating, but I move on and keep pushing forward. I plan on getting to my goal weight this time! No matter how long it takes. I want to eat clean and be fit for life!!

A baked egg, Ezekiel toast with coconut oil, and skim cottage cheese.

Out my back door, my husband just snow blowed the trail the last snowfall, and the snow was almost 3 feet high from just from today's snow. My chihuahua couldn't even go all the way out till our big dog made a path.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 52 and 53

Day 52

I weighed in yesterday and found that I've lost 14.5 lbs now!!! I started at 238.5, and I'm at 224.0 now!  I was so excited to see that!

I didn't plan on taking the day off from working out, but I ended up  watching a movie with my hubby again. I did really well with my diet all day until he brought out the girl scout cookies again. I only had 5, and ate some plain popcorn while we watched the movie.

Day 53

I slept in a little today, I had my alarm set to wake up and at least have my Shakeology at 5 am before my daughter woke up, but of course I woke up and then at 5:20 my daughter woke up, so I had my Shakeology and went back to bed once my hubby was up. For some reason I have been so tired all day today! I woke up tired, I went to Zumba and felt like I was dragging the whole time, and came home and I wanted to to do my circuit workout, but I seriously have no energy at all right now! So I'm definitely going to do both the circuit and the cardio tomorrow and catch back up again. I think I'm tired cause its my time of the month, (sorry if thats TMI) I really don't know what else it could be. So early to bed tonight and early to rise in the morning. I will workout in the morning even if its in the living room with my daughter hanging out watching me :)

Dinner last night was Moose Steak (very lean) salad with Annie's dressing, and some pesto pearled couscous. My hubby made dinner again.

The wrap I ate for lunch yesterday. Ezekiel wrap, natural turkey slices (3 of them) hummus, a tiny bit of natural cheddar, and romaine lettuce. It was really good, I was kind of surprised that I liked it LOL cause I had just thrown it together.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 51 The last place you would want to run into someone...

Day 51 and I think I'm getting my second wind so I can finish the last half of my 90 days strong!! I ate really well today, stayed away from the girl scout cookies, gave the chocolate I got in a package today to my hubby, and did two workouts.

Even though my daughter woke up an hour later than usual, I went back to bed till 8:30ish and let my hubby watch her since I never get to sleep in. It was glorious! Tomorrow I have to workout or go for a walk or snow shoe in the morning since I'm not going to Zumba tomorrow night, we'll see what I actually end up doing.

I went to Zumba tonight and stood in the middle in the front, and it made me work even harder, which makes me love standing up there, but half way through the first song I see a couple people walk in and realize one of them is a friend of mine from school growing up here that I haven't seen in like 6 or 7 years at least! If that doesn't make you feel self conscious I don't know what will. Needless to say I missed a few steps during the next song, then got over it LOL. Afterwards we were going into give each other a hug and I said she probably wouldn't want to hug me cause I'm dripping sweat. So it was one of those fake hugs where you don't touch the other person :) It was awesome to see her, but man, why does it have to be when I'm in a tank top and workout pants, looking super duper chunky, and sweating all over the place? Oh well. Just my luck!

After class I came home and did my circuit workout. It was hard cause I was pretty warn out after that Zumba class, but I made it through. Now I just have to take a relaxing shower and go to bed! I can hear my pillow calling me!

Here's a pic of me doing my decline push-ups for Power 90 Circuit Phase 3-4

Lunch was a wrap with a Ezekiel Tortilla, left over roasted chicken, lettuce, tomato, a little sharp cheddar cheese, and some salsa. It was really good.

My husband made dinner. It was a Korean Bagogi Beef (not sure of the spelling) over brown rice. It was super good!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 49 and 50!

Day 49

I took Sunday as my rest day, even though I did go for a walk/jog, I didn't do any Power 90. I just took a nap when my daughter did around 9:30am which I never get to do, went for a walk when she got up after we had lunch. I was so excited cause I was able to try out my new chariot jogging stroller! It was nice cause I just put a blanket on her and zipped up the cover and we took off. It wasn't a super long walk, like 35 minutes, and I only jogged a few times for about a minute or a little more each time. I was paranoid that I was going to fall on my butt on the ice in front of someone's house LOL. I'm really looking forward to spring cause I'm definitely going to do more jogging then. It will be so much easier after more weight comes off.

I got to go to my monthly waxing appointment at 2:00pm. I always look forward to those cause I get to visit with my friend who does the waxing, and I have at least an hour from the time I leave the house to myself! My mother in-law always watches Olivia when I go. The rest of Sunday was pretty boring, I just hung out with my daughter, made dinner, and watched some TV.

Day 50

I actually got out of the house this morning since the little girl who comes at 9:30 wasn't here today. Olivia and I went to the Health food store and I had a coffee and shared a bagel and cream cheese with her. I hadn't had a bagel since last summer I think, so it was a nice cheat treat for us. Then at 11:30 the other little girls I watch got to my house, and we did some coloring, played with play doh, and watched Despicable Me. I was glad my husband only had to work half the day, because we got to hang out a bit this afternoon, so I was able to go to Zumba and he went to his friends when I did my Power 90 Cardio and Ab Ripper 200 when I got home.

About two hours of cardio is brutal, especially now that I'm on Phase 3-4 of Power 90! If I didn't have a break between the two workouts, I would be drenched in sweat! Its gross how much I drip sweat now! I especially hate having sweat in my eye! It burns! The one thing I really don't like about the cardio from the Power 90 is the Body Blows, I feel like a moron doing them. But whatever, I don't care for running lunges or jumping jacks either, but the body blows drive me nuts!

I feel great working out all the time, and I really wish I could get up early and workout before Olivia wakes up, but there is no way I'm going to workout before 5am! I hate waking up early! I'll try to make more of an effort to workout when she naps the first time on the days I don't babysit. That is about the only time I can do it.

I almost forgot! Today we had a special delivery as many others have had as well this time of year! Our Girl Scout cookies came!! I swear samoas are the devil!!! I had 2 and a half (shared one of the them with Olivia) and shut the box took a pic and threw them into the back of a really high shelf LOL! I'm short so I'll have to work really hard if I want to eat them! The last thing I need are Samoas in the house!

Well I hope you had a great weekend. Its getting late and I still need to take a shower since I'm nasty and sticky from sweating like 2 gallons tonight!

Olivia and I after our walk! You can tell I worked hard cause I'm bright red!

Olivia after our walk!

These were dropped off today accompanied by 4 other boxes! I WILL RESIST TEMPTATION!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 47 and 48!

I didn't post last night because we had to finish a movie to return it and I didn't want to go to bed super late. I did workout after the movie though, I did cardio and ab ripper 200. Its a lot harder to do that the first set just cause its longer. I also tested out my new zumba dvd, but I think I'm going to have to do that one in my living room cause the side of our garage that has the workout area isn't smooth enough for me to move my feet around and I can't do it on the foam mat either, so tomorrow I might try doing it in the living room unless I go for a walk or snowshoeing tomorrow instead.

I had all the girls yesterday, so it was busy. Now that my daughter is 9 months old and into everything I can't sit down at all during the day without having to get up and pull her away from something she isn't supposed to be in. She is so fast. She can cross our huge living room in seconds. Then I had the two older girls who were really into asking a million questions, so I was glad when the day was over and I could just lay down and go to sleep.

Today was my day off, but having my daughter keeps me almost as busy as having four girls around! I had my alarm set for 5:15am this morning and was just getting up when Olivia started to cry and want to get up too, so I didn't get to wake up and work out before she did. I don't think that will ever happen unless she starts going to bed later or when my husband is home. She did go back to sleep at 6am, so I could've worked out then, but I went back to bed too lol. I was tired since she had woken me up at 3 am too.

When we got up at 7:30 we had breakfast and hung out for awhile before heading out to visit my family. I should've waited to visit them tomorrow because we just sat around watching the Whitney Houston Memorial. Not that I didn't want to watch it, cause I did, I just wanted them to visit with Olivia more. Of course like she has done the last few months she screamed bloody murder even if my dad looks at her like he might hold her, I don't know why she doesn't like him, she was fine with my mom and sister. Maybe she doesn't like men (other than her daddy).

I did almost perfect with my clean eating today, I had a couple pieces of dark chocolate that I had in the freezer from Christmas, then after dinner I did the Circuit power 90 workout. I am still amazed at the amount of push-ups I can do now!

So only 12 more days till my next picture update! I can't wait to see the difference! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I know I am getting a lot done around here that I normally can't get to.

Roasted Chicken for dinner.

Roasted chicken breast, broccoli, and mashed sweet potatoes

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 46! Inches/muscle vs Pounds lost

I have been working my butt off literally and I know that muscle weighs more than fat, and I know I've lost an inch at least from everywhere on my body so far, but I tend  to get really discouraged when I don't see the numbers on the scale go down. I was 227 lbs less than a week ago and now I'm 227.5.  A big girl like me should be seeing pounds lost too, at least I would think so. This is one of the biggest issues I've had with weight loss in my life. I get discouraged and stop when I don't get the results I want. This time I'm going to keep going! I need to keep myself from thinking that I'm not losing fat just cause the scale isn't showing results. I'm showing results. My clothes are looser, my body looks smaller in the mirror, and I can do so much more than when I started. I don't know why I have such a huge issue with wanting the numbers to go down.

I am think what I'm going to do from now on is only weigh in at home before I go weigh in for the Healthier You. One day a week, no more than that. Then I won't even worry about the weight loss as much and just focus on finishing the program! I think weighing in less would help me be more positive about it for sure because I'm doing great!

So today I did great on my clean eating. I was also going to do Power 90 this evening, but my husband and I had rented movies, so I went to Zumba then hung out with him and watched some of the movie. I'm going to try to do the Cardio and Ab ripper in the morning and then do the circuit in the evening. Then I'll be caught up and I won't have Zumba again till next Thursday.

I am getting to the point that I have most of the foot work down and am working on the arm movements now, and also trying add more flavor like I said yesterday LOL. I still have issues with rolling my hips to the left, it just doesn't feel right, and I hate the cumbya or whatever its called. I suck at it. The rest of the dances I get and totally understand and can do pretty darn well. Someday when I'm not as big and out of shape maybe I'll look almost as good as our instructor doing the routines LOL. A girl can dream!

My goal for next week is to spend more time with my husband and get my daughter on a better nap schedule during the day. Then I will know what time I can work out in the mornings for sure, and have a little more time with my husband when he comes home from work. I am doing great with working out and he is so supportive, but I feel bad, cause I'm always working out, and I hardly see him anymore. So even though I'm not a morning person, I'm going to try to be one.

Sorry I don't have pics tonight!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 45 and I am sore!! :)

I'm so glad I started doing the next phase of the Power 90 dvds. I did the cardio this morning and holy smokes I was pouring sweat. You wouldn't think that doing the same thing as before but just more of it and faster would make that much of a difference but it did. With doing all the workouts that I've been doing I made it through the whole thing with only a couple run in place breaks and only for a few seconds. I can't believe the endurance I've gained. The Ab ripper 200 that I did with the cardio was crazy. The same moves as the Ab ripper 100, but instead of 10 times each you do them 20 times each. By the time you get the the last few sets it really really burns!! I loved it. I have come to love the workouts when I'm dripping sweat down my face! It just lets me know that its totally working! Boy do I feel it today!!! WHEW! My legs and butt are on fire!

I also went to Zumba class again tonight, and I am getting better at the arm movements now that I have the feet down a lot better than I did. I can also add some of my own flavor to the steps since I'm not so worried about doing the wrong steps! I love going to the class and seeing people. After being stuck inside the last two days with kids and not going anywhere else, I crave people.

I've always worked places that were service orientated. I was a Certified Nursing Assistant and a Barista for the most part. I loved being a Barista! I love coffee and I love people, so the job was perfect. I'm also a super perfectionist and coffee snob so I tried to make sure every drink I made was perfect every time! Now that I am a stay at home mom and watching kids, its an adjustment not seeing people every single day all day long, but its fine as long as I can get out and about once in awhile!

I used to always keep a food journal, and I highly recommend it, so I started one again today so I can pin point when I'm am craving junk food AKA cheese LOL, and where my problems lie as far as my diet go. Today I did really well, I made sure to buy some plain popcorn for when I'm wanting a salty/crunchy treat, cause that is usually what I want. We'll see if my journal picks anything else up. I'm making sure to write down every bite of food I take!

I found this idea on Pinterest, and it worked pretty well. You get almost perfectly shaped mcmuffin eggs :)

Here's the mcmuffin. Its an Ezekiel Bread English muffin, a little mustard, one egg, and a few spinach leaves. It was really good. This was my morning after workout snack since I need a few more good carbs in my diet.

Our delicious dinner than my husband made. Grilled chicken with my spice blend, a fresh asparagus, red pepper and onion stir fry, and some pesto tri color pearled couscous! It was sooooo freaking good!!!

We figured out buying these weights were cheaper than buying the weights one set at a time! I didn't like how big they are in the beginning, but they are growing on me!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Moving on to phase 3-4

Day 43,

Monday I babysat like usual and didn't do too much else. I did get to go to Zumba and watched Breaking Dawn, so that was nice. The movies I admit are not good at all, but I do love the Twilight books. I could not believe how well I did at Zumba. I am getting a lot better. I can't wait for another week or two to go by, then I'll be a pro. I did have a quesadilla I made with an Ezekiel tortilla, so I told my husband no more cheese in the house unless its for a cheat meal or sliced American cheese for the kids' grilled cheese sandwiches. Its really the only thing I eat now and then that I shouldn't! I do fine if its not around. Cheddar cheese is evil! :)

Day 44,

I've been doing so many extra things as far as working out goes that I decided to start phase 3-4 of the power 90 today instead of waiting till tomorrow. Plus we went out for our first date since our daughter was born 9 months ago, for Valentines Day so I wanted a little more intense workout since I'm used to the power 90 workouts from phase 1-2. I also had a couple of the cookies I made with the girls today.

I did the circuit workout, and I can't believe how far I have come. I was doing modified push-ups and tonight I did 67 real push-ups throughout the 40 minute workout! It was awesome. I really liked that the next phase is a little longer and adds a little more intensity than the first phase. It pushed me a lot harder thats for sure.

Tomorrow I'm going to do the cardio and possibly go to Zumba tomorrow night or Thursday night I'm not sure yet. We'll see what my husband has planned.

One of my favorite clean sweeteners, I add it to greek yogurt sometimes, since babies can't have honey till they are 1 year old.

A couple of the cookies I decorated. I'm not good at it LOL but it was fun! I can bake cookies, but the decorating is a whole other story.

The beautiful rose my hubby got me for Valentine's Day! I love the color!

My adorable little girl Olivia, a huge part of why I'm working so hard to lose weight. I want to be around to see her grow up and to teach her by my actions how to be healthy, fit, and active! I love this pic!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 42

I took yesterday as my rest day and spent a little time with my husband instead of working out and writing my blog. I even got into bed earlier than I had in a little while. So that is why I skipped a day!

Today was a pretty busy day. I chased my daughter all over all day cause she is not super fast and into everything she can get into! We made it out of the house to get some groceries, and I was sad to find out that the shipment of Breaking Dawn still hadn't made it in yet! Thats one of the worst things about living in a small town with one grocery store,  far far away from any other city or town. We have no other places to go if our store is out or doesn't carry something. Its pretty lame. After the store we just hung out and I chased her around some more and got a little bit of a workout there. Then I asked my mother in-law if she could come over and watch her for a bit so I could workout in the garage. Then I could get it out of the way earlier than 7pm.

So at 7pm I did my cardio workout for power 90 and some Kenpo X. It was a great workout and got me sweating for sure! I can't wait to get the wheel on my stroller fixed cause I want to start taking my daughter out and going for walks on the weekend too.

I did really well on eating clean today minus the bowl of cheerios I had :) which isn't so bad. For dinner I made portobello mushroom burgers with feta and sauteed onions. They were delicious. I have a pic. I don't have a recipe really, I just kind of make it up as I go along. Its basically like cooking a regular burger but with some olive oil and you cover the pan for a bit so the whole thing heats through. They are so good!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 40! I'm addicted!

I can't believe I'm on day 40 of doing Power 90 and eating clean! Its going by so fast. I weighed myself this morning and had lost another pound, so I'm down 11.5 lbs to 227.0! YAY! It may not seem like a lot, but I have gone down from a size 22 to a size 18 jeans, so I know its really working. I've been doing really well with the eating clean since I got home from Anchorage, and have been trying to push myself more. I've been going to zumba for 3 weeks now, and I've been to 6 classes, I love doing Power 90 and P90X, but being a stay at home mom and babysitting from home I seriously need to get out of the house and see adults! Its really helping my sanity!

When I first started doing power 90 phase 1-2 I could barely do any of the cardio without having to stop and run or walk in place instead, I couldn't do more than about 3 real push ups, and during stretches I could barely grab the heel of my foot to do the quad stretch. Now I can do the whole cardio workout, do real push-ups the whole time other than the close push-ups, and can actually grab my ankle! So I'm gaining endurance, strength, and flexibility! Its amazing, and tonight at Zumba I barely messed up and I'm getting the arms movements down too! So unlike 40 days ago when I was dripping sweat and flapping fat everywhere, I'm still doing both of those, but I'm doing it better and with confidence! :)

You need to just start a program, whatever it is, and do it. Don't wait, start now! Its totally worth the time and effort you put into it. I  know that some people don't have the option for child care and I'm lucky my husband is willing to either put our daughter to bed or be home when I go to class, or just give me the time to do my workouts at home. But you really can do it, just do it during your kids naps, after they are in bed, before they wake up, or if they are old enough just do it with them around and they will either copy you, or can workout with you. Even if you don't finish the workout when they are there or they wake up, at least you did something!

Here a couple pics of dinner and "dessert".

My husband put a dry rub on the chicken breast and grilled it on our new BBQ. I made yummy basmati brown rice, and stir fried some broccoli with some spicy chile stuff. 

Dessert was some fruit I had to use we had bought at costco. One mango, one papaya, and one banana all cut up into small pieces and mixed with like 2tsp of Agave and 2 or 3 tbs of greek yogurt! It was delicious.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 39!

I think we have been seriously cursed since we bought this house in September. I don't believe in curses really, but its like we can't go a month without something happening or it seems that way sometimes. First our fence blew over in two places when it was super windy, the our flower box was taken out by a loader doing snow removal for us, then another section of our fence blew over, at which point we decided this summer its coming down. The loader took out the good side of our fence doing snow removal, our satellite went out and someone had to come 300 miles to fix it, then twice in the last month we've had a massive plumbing disaster in the apartment we rent downstairs! My poor husband never gets to just relax on his days off, he's always fixing something or doing snow removal. On top of everything else we've had to pay a lot to have someone shovel our roof twice in a month and a half cause we have had around 360" of snow this winter so far, and one of the times the guy broke our window. So today when the second plumbing fiasco happened we couldn't believe our horrible luck this year. We are still very blessed to have this house and that I'm working and can help when we have unexpected expenses. Its just amazing the amount you take on when you own a nice home.

I did great on my clean eating today and I've been trying to make sure I eat enough throughout the day cause I think it was hindering my weight loss. I went to zumba class again tonight and had fun getting out of the house, and the instructor gave me some zumba shoes and I'm super excited cause I was about to order some. They will be pretty good workout shoes for Power 90 too. After I was done at zumba I came home and did Power 90 Cardio. I can't wait to weigh myself again, but I think I'm going to wait a couple more days, we'll see how I feel in the morning. I'm exhausted though so I really need to shower and go to bed.

My Shakeology I had for breakfast this morning! It was so good. I love PB2(made with 1 cup almond milk)

My "new" shoes :)

Me sweaty and red after power 90 cardio (and zumba before that)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 38

We got in from our trip late last night so I didn't want to stay up and blog, we just went straight to bed after unloading the car. Let me tell you, traveling with an almost 9 month old is not fun if they are used to a strict schedule! She was fine for the 5 and a half hour drive, but the whole time we were shopping and eating out she was awful. She was tired of being held and tired of her carseat. We took her to Organic Oasis with us, which is my favorite restraunt, and she was just whining and banging her toy on the table and not eating the huge thing of Macaroni and Cheese we got her. Of course I got their amazing soup and salad, they had some delicious chili and their salad is to die for! Its totally clean and organic, I love it. But here we are with a whiny baby not eating more then a couple bites of her "healthy" mac and cheese (made with quinoa noodles and house cheese sauce), so I ate some, and then I ate some more. My husband had to steal the bowl from me, cause it was so yummy.
Hey at least it was clean!

I ended up having 2 cheat meals and 2 healthyish meals, so it wasn't too bad, and some healthy snacks in between. We tried IHOP for the first time and their "healthy" breakfast, or actually just their food in general, was disgusting! Even the coffee was terrible, I couldn't drink it black so I had a little cream and 1/2 a splenda cause I couldn't stand it! We did eat at my favorite Mexican place La Mex! Its always going to be my favorite place to eat in Anchorage!

After a really long nightmare of a first day there we decided we weren't going to stay 2 nights and just come home yesterday afternoon. That night was worse than the whole day! We have never really had a bad night with our daughter, but she was overtired and not used to her pack and play so she ended up in bed with us for the first time in a couple months or more. That was not a very good idea, other than that she stopped crying for the most part and slept better, but we didn't. She had her feet in my face and her head under my husband's arm pit so his arm was bent funny and fell asleep LOL and she kept waking up and crying then going back to sleep a couple seconds later up until 5am when she woke up for the day. Needless to say we were happy to rush to come back home that day after our appointments and the last of our shopping.

Today was a good day, I didn't babysit since I wasn't supposed to be back yet, so we put the stuff we bought away, and I started getting caught up on my workouts. I'm a couple days behind, so I'm going to try to catch back up by Sunday night.

I went to zumba class which was fun except for the fact that I'm now in the front of the class so I can see the instructor better. I can do the steps better, but every once in awhile I feel like everyone is watching me, then I start to mess up way more. I'm a lot beter then I was in the beginning thats for sure and I've only gone to 4 or 5 classes. Then I came home and did my circuit workout for power 90! I feel good! I just need to get to bed soon cause I'm up way past my bed time LOL I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow.

I had a delicious wrap today for lunch! It was a sprouted grain wrap with a small handful of spinach, a can of tuna drained and mixed with veganaise and mustard, and a few strips of a red bell pepper. (onion would've been good on it too, but I didn't think about that till now) SOOOO yummy!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 35

I'm hoping all of you had a fun Super Bowl Sunday. I didn't go anywhere and spent most of the game packing to go to Anchorage in the morning, but I was surprised how close the game was at the end! I wish I could've watched all of it, it looked like a really good game!

I am trying to write now, then I'm going to go to the garage and do my workout and then help stage everything down there so we don't have to move it too far to the truck tomorrow at 5am when we leave. Today has be super interesting, I kept forgetting to eat cause I was running around like crazy and so I only had breakfast lunch and dinner, and got a pretty good workout just cleaning up my house and packing today. My daughter spent most of today in her jumper either watching "Signing Time" or Baby Einstein since she only took one nap today instead of her normal two or three. If she isn't in her jumper she is into everything. She is such a busy baby!!

I did eat the last of the mac and cheese she didn't finish from lunch yesterday and today, but its actually not as bad as kraft mac and cheese cause it was the Annie's brand. I had Shakeology for breakfast, and with the mac and cheese I had a mostly clean tuna melt. Dinner is brown rice, chicken sausage, and broccoli.

I won't be around the internet at all the next few days cause I don't have it on my phone, so I won't be able to post about my trip till Wednesday night. I plan to workout while I'm in Anchorage, luckily tomorrow is a rest day so I'll only have to do my Tuesday workout. I'm going to try my resistant bands for the first time cause I don't want to pack weights! We are going to try to eat at Olive Garden since they finally opened the first one in Alaska about a month ago, and I used to love it when I went to college and boarding school in Washington State. My husband needs to try it! I'm going to try very hard to eat as clean as possible the rest of the time, so I'll keep track of what I eat and I'll write about it when I get back! Can I just say I feel like I'm packing my husbands truck so full with my daughter's stuff that I would be scared we won't have room for what we are buying! Babies make a ton of luggage! Luckily we are buying a topper/tondo cover for the truck while we are over there so we can actually lock stuff in the back of it.

Well I hope you all have a great couple of days, and I'm going to try to be so good that I'm lighter than I left instead of heavier like most Anchorage trips! Here is a pic and recipe for my sandwich.

Tuna Melt

1 can of tuna packed in water
about 1 1/2 tbs of veganaise
about 3/4 tbs mustard
2 or 3 green onions chopped (i just added them so they wouldn't go bad while we were gone)
2 pieces of Ezekiel bread
3/4 of one roma tomato (4 slices)
1 or 2 slices of cheese (the most unprocessed kind of cheese that you prefer)

I take the bread and top each slice with cheese and put it in the broiler to melt the cheese for like 4 to 5 minutes, constantly checking to make sure it doesn't burn. While I'm broiling the bread or before I mix all of the other ingredients (not the tomato) together (make sure to drain the tuna first) then when the bread is done I put the 4 slices of tomato on one piece, put the tuna on the tomato (you can save the excess or eat it if you want to) and eat! Its soooo good!



Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 33 and 34

I didn't post yesterday since I was having an off day and just wanted to relax with my hubby. I didn't do very well with eating clean yesterday either. I had made grilled cheese sandwiches for the girls to eat and had one myself with bad bread and lots of cheese, then had some cheerios and regular milk, and after my yummy clean dinner decided to eat a chocolate bar. So yesterday was the first really bad day I didn't have as a cheat meal in the 33 days I have been eating clean. I don't feel bad about it, cause today I'm back on track. I have learned that dwelling on the bad days just sets me up to fail. Just keep going! One day of unhealthy eating won't keep you from being successful if you move forward and don't worry about it.

I was having a bad day all day yesterday anyway because we were trying to plan to go out of town next week for a few days, and planning trips can be a bit stressful when you have kids and work to plan around. The girls and I still had fun though, we made a fun craft I had found on pinterest using crayons I had cut into little pieces, put in silicone heart mold (made for chocolates) and then melted them down so we had rainbow crayon hearts! They turned out super cute and fun! I had also made a cool Valentines Day center piece I had found on pinterest as well using candy hearts and one of the vases we had from our wedding. I didn't wash the vase cause I didn't want to be tempted to eat the candy!

I didn't do my Power 90 cardio workout last night, so I did it this morning. I also am just about to do my strength training workout as soon as my daughter takes a nap!  I might do a little more of a workout later today if I have time, but I have a lot of cleaning to do before we leave for Anchorage for a few days. I'll log tomorrow night, but I may not be back on for a couple days if I don't have wi-fi!

Here are some of the clean eats I've had the last couple days! Plus Recipes!! I also added pics of the crafts I did for Valentine's Day!

Last night I made a really good Eat Clean Diet Recipe that was an Asian noodle bowl. My husband liked it a lot better than when I made it about a year ago, because I only put half of the rice wine vinegar in it this time. Its so good! Here's a rough idea of the recipe.

2 tbs sesame oil (toasted or regular)
1 garlic clove (pressed)
2 tbs low sodium soy sauce or I use Braggs liquid aminos
1tbs minced ginger (I use the tube of crushed ginger you can buy at the store 1 tbs)
2 boneless skinless chicken breast (cut into 1/4 in strips)

Add all the above ingredients to a pot and cook for like 10 min over medium heat or until chicken is mostly cooked through.

soba noodles about 8oz (if you get the package with 3 little bundles only use one bundle)
2 cups broccoli spears
1/2 cup frozen peas ( i used about a cup) 
1 bundle of green onions chopped
4 cups low sodium chicken broth or vegetable broth

Add the broth, noodles and other ingredients, bring to a small boil and cook for 10 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and the broccoli is almost done the way you want it.

1 carrot cut into really really thin strips (we have a grater that makes really small julienne slices or you could just use a cheese grater if you don't want to cut teeny strips)
1/2 cup red bell pepper (or 1/4 to 1/2 of the pepper) sliced into really thin strips

Add the carrot and pepper and cook for a couple minutes.

If you want you can add fresh spinach to the bottom of your bowl before you put the soup in (I love it, my husband doesn't), the hot broth wilts the spinach and its delicious! 


Today I made myself a delicious Blueberry Coconut Chocolate Shakeology! It was so good.

1 scoop chocolate Shakeology
1 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup ice (a little more if you want)
And blend it up! This is my husbands favorite!


My Valentine's Day centerpiece on my messy table!

Some of our Crayon Hearts!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 32

Another day of 4 little girls, lots of coloring, diapers, potty breaks, and play doh! Tomorrow we are doing a fun craft and I'll post pictures. I found the idea on pinterest. I love that site! Today was a pretty low key day. My husband was off work and we found out my brother is going back to Anchorage tomorrow, so we ended up having pizza for dinner, and of course I couldn't help myself and had almost 5 small pieces. Cheese has been my one enemy lately. I can't help eating tons of it if I have any at all. Luckily I shared about half of a piece with my daughter. At least I know we aren't having pizza again for a long time.

I did my Power 90 circuit workout this morning at 6am and I definitely don't have as much energy that early in the morning as normal. Instead of using the 15lb weights I used the 10lb ones, and I was dripping sweat halfway through the dvd. I also went to zumba tonight and just got home. It really makes a big difference when the temperature outside goes from 12 degrees up to 34 degrees, I was soaked in sweat about twice as much as I normally am. I love my Power 90 dvds and P90X, but the two nights a week I get to go to zumba and see actual people and workout that much harder cause I'm in front of other people is so fulfilling.

Its been a long week, with a couple very stressful days, so I'm very very glad that tomorrow is Friday! I promise I'm making a yummy clean dish and taking pics tomorrow! You all have a great night (or day)!

One of my favorite tricks is to make my own spice blend. My husband taught me this. We use a spice jar that we just used the last of, then put our favorite mix in it. This one is garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, and paprika. Its so good on baked chicken breast!


I'm really excited for the new Shakeology to come out! Its available February 14th and its Vegan! I'm so excited to try it! Check out my favorite meal of the day!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 31

A little about me...

I know you can tell just from reading my blog that I'm not a great writer. I used to be pretty good, but never really made time to get better. I'm also a very self conscious person and feel pretty awkward most of the time talking to anyone. I love being around people though. I loved making coffee for people and talking to the customers every day! I love being a stay at home mom, but taking care of kids all day is not the same as being able to converse with adults all day at your job. I go crazy not having anyone to talk to other than my husband all the time. I may be socially awkward, but I'm a very social person. Working out has made me so much more confident. Especially since I am putting it all out there in the open so others can see that if I can do it so can they.

I am also a very unhappy person most of the time. I'm extremely judgemental person when it comes to judging myself and my family. So I usually hold myself to standards that I could never live up to. I look at all those moms that have perfectly tidy houses and I get mad when I can't get more than halfway to having my house look that good. I try way too hard to put on a front of having it together all the time. We are far from perfect. I'm slowly becoming more ok with who I am and excepting it, as I become a stronger person. I'm also less judgemental towards myself as I keep pushing harder and can actually see that I'm capable of achieving my goals. I know I'm strong enough to do it! My house will never be perfect, and thats the one thing that will take me awhile to get over. If my house was perfect, my daughter would be raised by Nick Jr or Boomerang! I wouldn't be focused on taking care of her or taking care of myself.

Hopefully this will give you more of an idea of who I am. I am not perfect. I have never stuck with anything. I give up easily, and I never feel good enough...until now! I'm becoming the strong and confident woman I'm supposed to be. It will take time, but I'll get there. This program means a lot to me! I'm not only becoming healthier and more fit, I'm giving my self confidence as well.

Day 31

I have really started to get bored with the same few things to eat all the time, so I'm going to try harder to find some new recipes and post them on here for you guys too. We do a lot of different things, but with all the babysitting and working out I keep forgetting to buy stuff to make them. So number one on my list of to dos before I go to sleep tonight is to look up some clean recipes and make a grocery list! I love eating clean, but chicken on salad for lunch and chicken with rice or quinoa for dinner isn't exciting after a month of eating that all the time. What are your favorite clean meals? I would love to hear from you and get your feed back.

I did about 30 minutes of zumba on the wii this morning, and got my cardio workout done for Power 90 this evening. I still trying to get my husband to keep working out, and he does, but not every day that he is supposed to. He'll get there. I have found he does way better if I don't nag him! Well I need to find some recipes and get ready for bed. I will catch up with you guys tomorrow.

I love coconut oil! You can use it as a cooking oil, but my favorite is to put it on toast instead of butter, it has a really nice faint flavor.