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Monday, November 10, 2014

Starting Over Again

I won $10 posting my selfie this weekend towards more Posh products!! A few days before I won $100 toward free products too! I love that my job is fun and they reward us and Pamper us! I have been super busy the last week building my team and training and sending out recruiting packets. Juggling my kids, my chores, my work, my marriage, and now my weight loss too is going to be hard, but I'm just glad I love doing the work that I do!
My three kids are in a crazy phase and have been for the last 6 months. The climbing is getting worse, pulling everything off the counters, running away when they need their diapers changed, playing in the dog water, turning the washer and dryer off mid wash, the list goes on. There is never a dull moment around here. Never a moment to sit for more that a minute at a time.
I started P90 again today, last time I did day one then stopped for some reason. I'm hoping to do all 90 days but I am not going to beat myself up if I miss a day or two, its eating Paleo that is way more important! My goal is to lose at least 20 lbs by February when I go to Leadership in San Diego for Posh. That is if I sign up fast enough to get a spot. I want to fit in all the clothes I was starting to fit in when I was losing weight months ago. I gained almost all of my weight back, I'm tired of yo-yo weight loss. I'm hoping now that my husband is more on board I can stick to it longer than two months! Wish me luck!
One of my new favorite foods is Scotch eggs! If you haven't had them you're missing out!
I'm excited to get these awesome gift bags made up and out for Christmas, check out our awesome lip product here!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

On day 2 we caught the flu!!

Day 2 into eating Paleo and the day I planned to start P90 I wake up with a sore throat and cough! My poor son was miserable all day so after calling the ENT and our local clinic I had to bring him into the clinic and low and behold he tests positive for the Flu!! The kids and I have been sick for 3 days now! Its definitely not fun! Worst of all we didn't get to do Halloween! Thank goodness my kids are all just young enough they don't realize what they are missing out on. Last night after sanitizing myself I put candy and Posh on the porch for the kids and their moms.
My fun Sample Packs
That was pretty much it for excitement around here! Having sick and teething kids when you're sick too is definitely interesting. My husband is determined not to catch it, so he is now the mascot for handwashing, doterra diffusers, lysol spray, clorox wipes and covering your mouth when you cough. The last one is hard for 2 and 3 year olds for sure. Two of the kids and I are banished to sleeping together in my bed while my husband sleeps in my daughters bedroom with my youngest (in her crib) since she is just barely getting sick. This is what I get for thinking we might avoid doctors for awhile after the twins got ear tubes in.
On a happy note we have some amazing deals this month that I'm so excited to share!! $1 off all our Chunk bars until the 14th!
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yummy Paleo Cracklin Chicken

I know it isn't a full moon, but my kids were acting like it was. Naps were off, tantrums, fighting over everything and now my son is falling asleep next to me on the couch because he was fighting bedtime so bad he was almost throwing up. On a good note the twins did great during and after their ear tube surgery on Monday. They were a bit whiny afterwards but were back to normal the next day.
Today I started eating Paleo again! I made a meal plan for dinners for the week and I plan on sticking to it. I also planned on doing P90 tonight but forgot I had a Posh Facebook Party so I'll start tomorrow. I'm in love with Cracklin Chicken recipe I got from Nom Nom Paleo. I'm making that often! I also made cauliflower rice and roasted squash.
Breakfast and lunch were more simple since I hadn't shopped for or prepped anything yet.
and lunch
I also am super excited about the awesome bundle ideas Posh came out with too there is only two days left to be able to use your $3 coupon code poshboom on your order. Shop now at
here's another fun idea

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Posh Party, Girl Talk and Toddler Mayhem

I had a super fun Posh Party last night along with some ladies doing Doterra and another friend selling Little Skirts! Lots of ladies, lots of fun, good food, good drinks and lots of fun conversation! I love doing this for my job! I got some ladies in face masks and trying all my products I had out for samples. I also had on of my newest recruits and best friend with me.
I was super tired today after being up late hanging out with the girls after the party. Luckily my kiddos were weirdly good and well behaved and chill most of the day. It was so nice but not normal. Then during the witching hour right after dinner they were CRAZY. My husband likes to come home and sit down when he gets home from work, but my kids always a different plan. Poopy diapers, pulling things off the counter, stripping clothes and diapers off, running around screaming and the newest one is pulling everything out of the silverware drawer. My son has a new obsession with his private parts and it doesn't help that my 3 year old daughter is super curious about it too. In the bath the other day she grabbed his penis before I could say anything and asked, "What is this squishy thing!" Oh the joys of children.
Peekaboo with a Posh Box
Sweet Boy Tomorrow is my 4 year anniversary! It feels like so much longer with all that we have been through with our kids. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next 4 years bring. Also Monday my twins turn 2! I can't believe how big they are getting. They are also having surgery to get tubes in their ears because my girl twin has had 6 ear infections and my twin boy has had 5. Its been a long year and a half with all those going on. I'm sad it will be on their birthday but I'm glad they will get some relief. I'm tired of surgeries. I'm hoping this is the end of surgeries, but we will see with time how my twin girl's heart grows as she grows. Here are a few pics from their birthday followed by a new product spotlight.
I absolutely love the huge Gender Bender Chunk! It has a nice clean, crisp, and very slightly musky scent which makes it great for a woman or a man. Its great for acne prone skin or any skin type, but it really helps clean and detox your skin helping clear up blemishes and acne. Then the shea butter in it is luxuriously moisturizing. Only $9 and you can put some coal in someone's stocking this Christmas! Its never been so nice to be on the naughty list!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Posh and Go Life

Here I am! I'm 31, my oldest is almost 3.5 and my twins are going to be 2 at the end of the month! I've survived two years of a crazy adventure. I lost myself along the way, and then 6 months ago amongst the learning to walk, tantrums, sleepless nights, ear infections, and countless doctor appointments I found Perfectly Posh. What first was a hobby became my job on top of being a mom. I have now found out that I can not only be a mother I can be a successful business woman and still be home with my kids. Its fun, relaxing and best of all, good for you! I can listen to my training while cooking my kiddos lunch, answer message and advertise products on facebook in between diaper changes and trips to the potty! I love it.
As far as working out goes, it hasn't happened much at all in the last 3 months. I'm just under the heaviest I've ever been and plan to work on that so I can look and feel more like a successful team leader. I ordered P90 the beginning of the month and am very excited to do the whole 90 days! I love me some Tony Horton, he is a super nerdy Jock and he makes me laugh while literally working my butt off! I also plan on eating as paleo as possible since my body doesn't process carbs the same way it did before the twins.
Cauliflower rice, Paleo zesty chicken bites and roasted winter squash My Product Spotlight this week!
Hot Pepper Sha-Bang Butter This awesome body butter is perfect for soothing sore muscles and joints. The Capsicum (hot pepper oil) in it has a warming and soothing effect. I rub this all over my muscles in my legs, wrists, ankles and feet after working out and I don't hobble around like an old lady after! Its a must have! Please check out my Posh Website Or follow me on facebook The Shrinking Housewife

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Whole 30 day 11 Surviving my inner chaos!

I was very excited to finally gets this dress in after waiting 2 months for it. I'm glad it fits and it looks pretty darn good ;) That is my feel good moment the last couple days. 

Having three young toddlers is hard. It's even harder when you go off antidepressants and are fine, until one day you are not fine at all. Three days into getting them out of my system and I did not feel in control over my emotions at all.

Walking or exercising helped in the moment to relax me, but ultimately I decided for my sanity and my kids I would go back on them. I don't want my kids to grow up worrying about why mommy is always upset or crying the joys of hormonal changes after having children. 

I was very surprised with how I handled my eating while I've been having a hard time. When I'm upset I normally go for chocolate, or peanut butter and chocolate. I didn't stray from whole 30 at all, even though I really wanted the cookies and snacks my kids were eating because I was stressed. It's a miracle I didn't cave!!
Before I could drink my coffee, they were all in my lap yesterday morning.

I have gotten a couple workouts in, but will be glad to do some P90X3 and T25 tomorrow. I took my daughter to the movies for the first time so I skipped my workout this evening. Back to work tomorrow! 

My snack for the movies. Toasted coconut with salt and cinnamon and an apple. Yum!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Whole 30 day 9 and 6.5 lbs Down

My husband has been trying to make me budge on my paleo diet and is having a hard time with how strict I'm being, and asked me if I had weighed myself to know if it was working. I said no, I'm not supposed to weigh-in until the end. Well I was kind of bothered by that so I decided to weigh myself this morning and was surprised to see I had lost 6.5lbs. I started Whole 30 at 237.0 lbs and I'm at 230.5! I was so happy to prove how well it's working! It will help even more now that I'm adding in workouts.

I am feeling so good! I love how energized and healthy I feel. I'm never hungry between meals anymore, so no snacking at all unless I workout in the evening and then I have something like a banana and almond butter.

I did P90X3 at noon while the kid napped. I was planning to nap with them, but decided once they were all asleep to just do it and get a workout in. Of course 2 minutes before I'm done, Jordan decides to wake up from an extra short nap. Luckily her crying stopped when she was zoned out watching me sweat my ass off doing kicks, jabs and sprawls! 

I am loving the food and want to come up with something a little different so my husband doesn't get bored with trying the paleo stuff I'm cooking. I Love avocados and have either 1/2 or 1/4 of one at every meal so I feel fuller longer. I also have an amazing trick for keeping your avocado green all day after you cut it. 

Cut it in half and leave the pit in. Take 1/4 of the avocado flesh or 1/2 from the side without the out and try to keep the skin as intact as possible, if it rips or anything it will still work. 

My avocado this morning after taking 1/4 for breakfast.

Lay the skin from the avocado on top of the half with the pit, just like it was still a whole avocado. 

I used the other 1/4 at lunch and then did the same thing to keep the rest from going bad.

This is what it looked like at dinner :) then I ate the last half.

If it gets a little brown on top just remove the pit then take a knife and shave a tiny layer off the top of the avocado. Now you can have fresh avocado all day without it going bad and having to eat a whole avocado in one sitting.

I also got an awesome workout in with my friend this evening. We will be working out every night doing T25 :) I love it! 

I felt great after weighing in I had to take a pic

Here are some meals from the last couple days. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Whole 30 Day 6 and off meds

Today I called my doctor to see if I can try going off my antidepressants since my mood has been amazing just eating healthy, and I was given the green light to try it! Woohoo no more feeling sedated and all thanks to eating completely healthy! If I feel weird or anything I may have to take them every other day but I'm so excited, cause it's been almost 2 years of yo-yoing to different meds since I had the twins. Plus I feel like I've lost quite a bit of weight already. I can't wait to weigh-in in August!

Today I'm adding in exercise. I was giving my body a break and a chance to get used to the new diet, and now that it's been almost a week, ITS ON!! T25, P90X3 and walk/jogging (possibly couch to 5k) all mixed! Wish me luck!! 

Here are pics of some more food: