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Thursday, January 2, 2014

P90X3 has arrived!

It took a lot longer to get here than I had anticipated, but P90X3 is here and I was so excited to open my door and find my beachbody package there this afternoon! I'm a bit like a giddy little school girl. I had been working out less frequently and focusing on my diet and trying to get my home in order after Christmas. It is still a huge mess around my house with clutter everywhere but, I will hopefully get it under control soon.
I have been eating paleo and I love it. I tried an amazing recipe from Paleomg for Salisbury steak and it was so good! My husband also made oven roasted veggies! I really enjoy eating paleo.
I feel so much better than I ever did eating clean. I have also become more sensitive to dairy and wheat since cutting them out of my diet. I still have a cheat meal here and there but I have to be careful not to eat too much otherwise I get sick. My kiddos are getting big and holy smokes are they getting into everything. Days like today I just have to throw up my hands and let them play with stuff I normally wouldn't so that they let me cook!! Tonight they raided the lazy susan cupboard (with no lazy susan in it) and pulled out all of my appliances and were "cooking" with my husband and I.
I finally was able to workout after the twins were in bed. It was an amazing 30 minute workout. I felt like I was working parts of my body I hadn't thought about since I did power 90 two years ago! I am so excited to do this program. I love Tony Horton's workouts, they are totally more my type of workout than T25!