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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Whole 30 day 11 Surviving my inner chaos!

I was very excited to finally gets this dress in after waiting 2 months for it. I'm glad it fits and it looks pretty darn good ;) That is my feel good moment the last couple days. 

Having three young toddlers is hard. It's even harder when you go off antidepressants and are fine, until one day you are not fine at all. Three days into getting them out of my system and I did not feel in control over my emotions at all.

Walking or exercising helped in the moment to relax me, but ultimately I decided for my sanity and my kids I would go back on them. I don't want my kids to grow up worrying about why mommy is always upset or crying the joys of hormonal changes after having children. 

I was very surprised with how I handled my eating while I've been having a hard time. When I'm upset I normally go for chocolate, or peanut butter and chocolate. I didn't stray from whole 30 at all, even though I really wanted the cookies and snacks my kids were eating because I was stressed. It's a miracle I didn't cave!!
Before I could drink my coffee, they were all in my lap yesterday morning.

I have gotten a couple workouts in, but will be glad to do some P90X3 and T25 tomorrow. I took my daughter to the movies for the first time so I skipped my workout this evening. Back to work tomorrow! 

My snack for the movies. Toasted coconut with salt and cinnamon and an apple. Yum!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Whole 30 day 9 and 6.5 lbs Down

My husband has been trying to make me budge on my paleo diet and is having a hard time with how strict I'm being, and asked me if I had weighed myself to know if it was working. I said no, I'm not supposed to weigh-in until the end. Well I was kind of bothered by that so I decided to weigh myself this morning and was surprised to see I had lost 6.5lbs. I started Whole 30 at 237.0 lbs and I'm at 230.5! I was so happy to prove how well it's working! It will help even more now that I'm adding in workouts.

I am feeling so good! I love how energized and healthy I feel. I'm never hungry between meals anymore, so no snacking at all unless I workout in the evening and then I have something like a banana and almond butter.

I did P90X3 at noon while the kid napped. I was planning to nap with them, but decided once they were all asleep to just do it and get a workout in. Of course 2 minutes before I'm done, Jordan decides to wake up from an extra short nap. Luckily her crying stopped when she was zoned out watching me sweat my ass off doing kicks, jabs and sprawls! 

I am loving the food and want to come up with something a little different so my husband doesn't get bored with trying the paleo stuff I'm cooking. I Love avocados and have either 1/2 or 1/4 of one at every meal so I feel fuller longer. I also have an amazing trick for keeping your avocado green all day after you cut it. 

Cut it in half and leave the pit in. Take 1/4 of the avocado flesh or 1/2 from the side without the out and try to keep the skin as intact as possible, if it rips or anything it will still work. 

My avocado this morning after taking 1/4 for breakfast.

Lay the skin from the avocado on top of the half with the pit, just like it was still a whole avocado. 

I used the other 1/4 at lunch and then did the same thing to keep the rest from going bad.

This is what it looked like at dinner :) then I ate the last half.

If it gets a little brown on top just remove the pit then take a knife and shave a tiny layer off the top of the avocado. Now you can have fresh avocado all day without it going bad and having to eat a whole avocado in one sitting.

I also got an awesome workout in with my friend this evening. We will be working out every night doing T25 :) I love it! 

I felt great after weighing in I had to take a pic

Here are some meals from the last couple days. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Whole 30 Day 6 and off meds

Today I called my doctor to see if I can try going off my antidepressants since my mood has been amazing just eating healthy, and I was given the green light to try it! Woohoo no more feeling sedated and all thanks to eating completely healthy! If I feel weird or anything I may have to take them every other day but I'm so excited, cause it's been almost 2 years of yo-yoing to different meds since I had the twins. Plus I feel like I've lost quite a bit of weight already. I can't wait to weigh-in in August!

Today I'm adding in exercise. I was giving my body a break and a chance to get used to the new diet, and now that it's been almost a week, ITS ON!! T25, P90X3 and walk/jogging (possibly couch to 5k) all mixed! Wish me luck!! 

Here are pics of some more food: 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Whole 30 Day 5 Feeling good

Good morning :) Between using natural skin care products for the last few months including shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste an now eating Paleo I fe fantastic and my skin looks amazing! 

Yesterday I ended up with a crazy bad migraine that made me sick, I was lucky that it only lasted a few hours, so I had to make up some of those calories I lost later in the day. I felt better that evening and my friend invited me to go out with her, so I went and drank water and got a good workout dancing. It was so fun!

Being a mother of three kids (a 3 year old and almost 2 year old twins) you would think it would be impossible to eat healthy cause it just "takes too long". Honestly it's faster than most the junk I used to cook my family. I will share the few things I do to cut time down to the bare minimum!

1. Prep all your veggies and hard boiled eggs in one day right after you buy them. Even grill, bake or brown your meat so it's easy to throw together. This could take about an hour give or take. Dice veggies for omelets or Fritattas or casseroles. Slice onions and peppers for stir-fries or salads, and boil a bunch of eggs for fast protein for after workout. Doing this you can throw pretty much any combo together for any kind of meal. 

2. Eat enough healthy fat each meal, if I don't eat enough I am hungry a lot faster.

3. Drink lots of water, then drink more. 

4. Don't get overwhelmed. If you are and don't know what to eat, focus on what you can eat, not what you can't, then it isn't bad.

Breakfast "hash" and eggs for dinner last night. Sweet potatoes and whatever veggies I needed to use up in the fridge, with eggs and avocado.

Breakfast this morning: sautéed spinach, red onions, minced garlic. Sautéed in plenty of olive oil topped with two eggs then baked at 350 for about 7 min and two slices of bacon

Super easy, I just throw stuff together, add seasonings and BAM, a yummy meal!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Whole 30 day 4 a New Start

A few evenings ago I was just plain tired. Tired of being lazy, tired of being tired, tired of chasing my kids around with no energy and tired of only putting half assed effort into my healthy lifestyle. So I decided that night I needed to make a huge change. I had talked to my doctor and the behavioral specialist about my antidepressants a couple weeks ago and we all planned that if I could eat paleo and workout I could come off of my antidepressants that have been basically sedating me and making me sleepy. It took me almost 3 weeks, but I finally made the huge step towards making that happen. 

I decided that I needed to try something different to detox my body completely and reset the way I think about food. I decided to do the Whole 30 (basically paleo with no sweeteners of any kind).

Here I am on day 3 and I feel great. I have cute my antidepressant dosage in half and it is still making me feel a little tired, but my mood is so much better, I feel better, more energized and haven't had any real cravings for the junk I was eating before. Not everyone does this well, but I think I was beyond ready for a change. 

As soon as I can I will add in T25 and walk/jog intervals. I will be going to Vegas on the 5th so it won't be an entire 30 days, but I plan to eat fairly healthy on my trip and start back with Paleo as soon as I get home. I have to keep my diet as paleo as possible so my mood stabilizes on it's own. 

Wish me luck while I start this journey all over again, but this time for good.