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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Slow but steady...

Life as a mom of three under 2 is craziness, especially having twins. Everyone tells me how great I am doing and how I'm a super mom, but I honestly don't feel like it. I feel like I'm lucky to survive the day. My living room always looks like a 19 month tornado has torn it apart, I only get to shower once a week LOL twice if I'm lucky because sleeping at night sounds better than a midnight shower, as soon as my laundry is folded and put away there is a huge pile waiting to be done again, and I hardly ever remember we own dogs, let alone remember to let them out! It may be hectic and crazy, but I wouldn't trade my babies (even the forgotten fur babies) for anything. I'm so glad I'm eating clean and showing my children how to eat healthy and be active, even if it only means doing 10 minutes on the elliptical machine. My daughter (almost 20 months) has been eating more and more clean foods now, which is awesome cause she doesn't eat much, now if I could only get my husband to get back to completely eating clean. He loves his Diet Pepsi. I was so excited to go back to Zumba cardio dance party on Monday, and I am so amazed how out of shape I am, but that's to be expected after being on modified bedrest, and then recovering from a c section for 6 weeks. I just hope my endurance gets better soon. I barely made it through the whole class. I will get back in shape soon, I just have to keep going and take everything life throws at me one day at a time. I'm going to start posting recipes (unless I really don't know what I put in it) or links to the recipes for the pics I post of my clean eats. I hope that will be more helpful, and if I get enough of a following (once my babies are a bit older) I'll find someone to help me organize my blog better so you guys can look up recipes and workouts and links. SPAGHETTI PIE Photobucket I made this and it was delicious, my measurements were a bit different and I didnt have a pie plate, but it turned out great. I just used two small casserole dishes. SPAGHETTI PIE WITH ZUCCHINI COINS Photobucket I love the zucchini coins, I just need to figure out how to coat them better and use whole wheat bread crumbs or make my own. COTTAGE CHEESE PANCAKES Photobucket These are so freaking good!! Even my husband who hates pancakes loves them and so did my daughter.

Friday, January 4, 2013

I Feel LikeI Live in a Baby Zoo

My life has been a whirl wind of craziness the last 6 months, finding out that we were having twins, having our twin daughter Jordan have open heart surgery at 3 weeks old, and having to be out of Alaska in Seattle to have the babies so they could be near the medical care they needed, then a month after having them being able to come home was an answer to so many prayers. Now we are home, my twins Corbin (the boy) and Jordan (the girl) are 10 weeks old tomorrow, and my daughter Olivia is now 19 months old, I live in a mad house! Olivia is learning new words every day and refuses to eat more than a bite or two at any meal and likes to steal pacifiers, blankets, toys, bouncers, and bottles from the babies all day long as well as try to sit on them in the process. Corbin (my little man) only ever wants to be held, and is my semi mellow, extra cuddly baby that likes to over eat at one point in almost every day and massively spit up all over me, which is awesome. Then there is Jordan who loves to smile at me a lot through out the day now, she is my amazing little fighter heart baby, but of course she has to be colicky so she loves to cry inconsolably every night before bed and off an on through out the day. So you can say my life is a bit crazy now. I have started eating clean again now that I'm not pregnant anymore and am trying to go to Zumba when I can. I also plan to workout at home, I just need to get a schedule figured out or do it at 5 am when I know everyone will stay asleep, but we will see how that pans out. I'm also breastfeeding my twins and working up to not having to supplement with formula at all, so on top of eating clean I have to make sure I eat close to 3000 calories a day, YUCK, for clean eating that is a lot of food, so I'm just adding lots of avacado, extra smoothies, peanut butter, and other good fats to my diet and not being as afraid of cheese so I don't have to count calories. I won't be posting every day or not even every week sometimes because of my crazy life, but I will post when I can and give you tips on losing weight or my experience with losing weight with 3 under 2 years old. I'll also be sharing a lot more about my daily life dealing with twins and a toddler. Last night I was so excited to take a shower, since I hadn't showered in like 5 days. My husband had Olivia in bed at 7:45pm and the twins were in my bed and asleep a little before 9:00pm and I was ready to take my time in the shower. Here I am shaving my legs for the first time in like a month or a bit longer, just as I'm about 3/4 of the way done with my first leg Corbin starts crying! So I'm sitting here typing this with one hairy leg and one almost completely shaved leg. Maybe Monday night after Zumba I'll get luckier and be able to finish both legs while my husband watches the kids. My goal for today is to make sure the twins get a bath, they haven't had one in a few days either, so I'm going to attempt bathing them while I'm alone today at some point. Hopefully it happens, if not I have a babysitter/helper coming tomorrow at 11:00am to help me. I'm looking forward to sharing my life and more of my weight loss journey with everyone.