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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Snow for sun please!

Traveling to San Diego for Perfectly Posh Leadership was amazing! I got back a few days ago and have been busy working my business since I got home. I loved learning a lot from our founders and meeting all the other leaders from Posh! Its crazy and awesome realizing I am close to being the first and only Premier Posh consultant in Alaska! It was my goal from early on to be the top consultant in Alaska and I'm there! I love setting goals and reaching for the stars! One of my favorite new products, Apricots Overnight is fabulous. You put it all over your face and then go to bed and rinse it off once you wake up and your skin feels amazing!! Love it, especially during these harsh winter months!! Another thing I'm excited about is our new starter kits! Double the Posh Lots of Posh Its great being back home with my three toddlers and now three days later I can finally take a breath and relax! I'm so excited about my future and my family's future with Posh! This journey is going to take me to amazing places! Who wants to come? I also have some plans now that I'm home to start working out and eating healthy again so that my legs won't swell so bad the next time I fly!I really wish I could trade in this snow for sunshine!! Now to focus and get back on track!